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Sample Trip Quotes

To give you a ballpark idea, here are some sample quotes for requests we’ve gotten from our customers:

Example #1:

A middle school in Corona, California wanted to take their 8th grade students on an educational field trip to a local museum. The school had 4 classes of 8th graders, with 30 students in each class, meaning they needed transportation for 120 students total. To keep the field trip affordable, they decided to rent charter buses from a local company in Corona. They rented 3 56-passenger buses to comfortably fit all the students, teachers and chaperones. The charter bus company quoted them $1650 per bus for the 8 hour rental period. This came out to only $13.75 per student for reliable transportation for their field trip. With the 3 bus rentals, the total cost was $4950. The school also tipped 10% as a thank you for great service, adding just $149.50 to the total cost. The field trip was a success and the charter bus rentals provided a comfortable ride for students and teachers alike.

Example #2

A large engineering firm in Corona wanted to thank and motivate its top-performing employees with a team outing to Disneyland. They booked two 56-passenger charter buses to transport 100 employees from their office to the theme park and back. The total trip time was 14 hours – from 6 AM when the buses picked up the group from the office parking lot, to 8 PM when they returned after a full day enjoying the Magic Kingdom. At a rate of $150 per hour per bus, the total cost for the 14 hour rental of the two buses came to $4,200. The company felt this was money well spent, as it allowed the entire team to bond and have fun together in a relaxing environment outside of the office. The employees especially appreciated having the charter buses take care of transportation so they could fully enjoy their special day. As a token of thanks, the company tipped 10% for providing excellent service, bringing the grand total for the Disney charter bus rental to $4,620.

Example #3:

A high school baseball team in Corona is heading to the state championships in Los Angeles. The coach wants to provide fun, reliable transportation for his 15 players and 5 coaches, so he decides to rent a charter bus. He finds a company that can provide a 28-passenger charter bus for the 90 minute trip. The total rental time needed is 10 hours to allow for traffic – 8am pickup to 6pm dropoff. At a rate of $125 per hour, the total charter bus cost comes to $1,250. The coach tips 10% for excellent service, bringing the grand total to $1,375. With 20 passengers, each person’s share of the cost is only $69 roundtrip. The team arrives rested, relaxed and ready to play their best with the charter bus handling the driving.

Example #4:

A local church group in Corona wanted to take their youth group on a day trip to Knott’s Berry Farm. They had 30 teenagers signed up for the trip, along with 5 adult chaperones. To make the trip fun and keep the group together, they decided to rent a charter bus for the day. They booked a 28 passenger charter bus to comfortably fit their group size. The total rental time was 10 hours, from 8am when they were picked up at the church to 6pm when they returned after a full day at Knott’s. At a rate of $150 per hour, their total charter bus rental cost for the day came out to $1,500. With 35 passengers splitting that cost, it averaged out to around $43 per person – a great deal considering the convenience, supervision, and fun memories the charter bus provided. They happily tipped 10% at the end of the trip, bringing their total to $1,650 for a smooth and memorable day.

Example #5:

A couple is getting married in Corona, California. Their guest list is 90 people and they plan on getting married on a Saturday. As they begin planning logistics, they realize there are some gaps in group transportation that can be tricky. Their reception is going to be at a different location than the ceremony venue, the bride and groom need reliable transportation for their bachelor and bachelorette parties, and the reception venue has limited parking options for all the cars. They decide to both rent a 18-passenger minibus in Corona for their bachelor and bachelorette parties and enjoy the night to their heart’s content. The minibuses are able to pick them up directly at their hotel for a night out on the town, and they each rent a bus for their parties from 8 PM to 2 AM. The quote for their Corona minibus rentals is $150 each, since they are in the same city, and they are quoted by the hour for a total of $900 per bus, or $1,800 for both of them. Because each wedding party has 10 members, the cost per passenger is only $90 each, which is less than most Uber rides with more flexibility. Their total for both minibus rentals added up to $1,800 for the weekend, and they tip 10% for a job well done, adding about $180 to their overall cost.

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